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Monday, September 10, 2012

Do not use MoneyPak to Purchase Supplies for your Shed

I know I am off topic on my sheds, but I came across a rather frustrating subject that frustrated both me and my customer. We wanted to do a simple instant transfer of funds from my paypal account to his, so we decided to try something called moneypak and this is our miserable story.
On the 7th of September I ordered a simple money pack card that is shown in the photo below. I deposited money on this card at a Walgreens, activated it through their phone service, and planned on depositing money onto my paypal account.
When I attempted to deposit money on my paypal account with MoneyPak, my card was not accepted due to insufficient funds, but there was over $350 in the account.
I called moneypak to try and resolve the issue, but non of the representative spoke good English, which means the company is outsourcing American jobs, plus I talked to over 3-5 representatives that could not resolve my concern about simply depositing this money into paypal.
What concerns me about dangerous companies like these are enteracting with companies we more commonly use such as paypal and paypal actually trusts them.
I would like to list the issues that I faced with this company that will probably will never be resolved, because I already sent an email to them about this issue, but they still have not resolved it.
- Nobody speaks good english
- Non of them resolved my concern and told me to use the VISA which I did not order. Now I have to wait 14 days for this stinking VISA card when the original card I purchased was suppose to be used for paypal.
- You will have to wait on average 10-16 minutes to speak to a representative
- Nobody even knows how deposit money in these cards at walgreens because the walgreens associates took about 5-10 minutes to figure it out.
- When the representatives cannot figure out the issue, they give up and tell you to talk to paypal, which is stupid because paypal is not MoneyPak.
- Finally if you don't believe me that my card is not a VISA, let us compare the photos of the card I bought and the card that suppose to be accepted on PayPal.

 If this looks like a VISA, than something may be wrong with you. MoneyPak, you suck.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How big should your dog house shed be?

Building a dog house shed can be simple or complex, depending on the style of a dog house that you want. Building your dog house should be at least 3 times the size of your dog in order to make him or her live comfortably.
How big should a dog house be.

You must also take into consideration what else may be taking up room in your dog house such as dog pads or blankets, doggy bowls for food, or even dog toys.
Once you calculate the excess materials needed to place in the dog house, then calculate how much extra room is needed to make your dog house 3 times the size of your actual dog.
One last pointer for making space in a dog house is the roof. Two reasons why you want the roof bigger is that you want enough room for the dog to sit, plus if you have a little heater, you can mount it in the peak of the roof while still giving the dog room to sit up.
Hope this helps you out, if you need more ideas on building a dog house, you can visit my website at



Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Why own a small playhouse?

When owning a small playhouse that has small enough dimensions to fit into a corner of a room. The following playhouse shown below is a 3ftx3.5ft playhouse that can be placed inside and outside.
Many wonder why you want to do this. Well once winter season comes, your children may want to still play in their playhouse, but it may be too cold for them to play outside. That is why you can have the opportunity to get a simple playhouse inside and outside.
Here are some pointers what is needed to make this a great playhouse for your kids:
- If it is made out of wood, make sure it is sanded well to prevent slivers
- To prevent slivers have smooth laminate flooring and smooth factory made interior sheathing.
- Roofing may be made of shingles but not recommended if playhouse is always inside.
- You can insulate it but not recommended if your child is not going to sleep in it at night.
- Make sure the foundation is treated if it is going to be outside.

There are many things to look out for to have a playhouse inside or outside. Let me know if you have any questions, or feel free to check out my website to see all playhouse models at

Monday, September 3, 2012

How to Calculate Material List for Shed

Every shed is different so I have rounded up some calculation you can use to figure how much materials are needed to build your shed. When looking at these calculations, I have also added in a 10% waste factor.

Foundation Calculations:
- Floor Joists 16" o.c: Length x 12 / 16 + 1 (Roundup) = ?
- This does not include the rim joists needed. But just add two rim joists according to sheds length.
- Floor Sheathing:  Length x Width / 32 (Roundup) = ?

Wall Calculations:
- Amount of Studs: Length + Length + Width + Width x 12 / 16 = ? x .1 + Last Answer = ?
- Amount of 4x8 Siding for 8' Wall: Length + Length + Width + Width / 4 = ?
- Top and Bottom Plates: You will need three 2x4's for each side according to each sides length.

Roof Calculations:
Each truss is different, but this calculation will have 3 2x4's needed for a typical truss.
- Truss Calculation: Length x 12 / 16 + 3 x 2 = ?
- Roof 4x8 Sheet Calculation: Truss Width from fascia to peak x Length of Shed x 2 / 32 = ?
- Shingle Calculation: Truss Width from fascia to peak x Length of Shed x 2 / 30 = ?  x .1 + Last Answer = ?

Well these are pretty typical calculations for the standard features needed on the shed, let me know if you have any questions concerning help with your shed building experience.
You may also visit my website at to get my easy to read shed plans that have a wide variety of shed sizes to choose from.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

How to save 10% or more on building your Shed

When building a shed most or all people are always looking for a way to save as much money as possible on their shed building materials. So here are a few pointers on how yo save some money on your shed materials.
Here is a list of resources to save money on your shed:
- Go to Lowe's and if you have a free account from them, you can automatically save 5% off on your order.
- Home depot offers you a variety of discounts on your order if you have a home depot card, but without a home depot card, you can save anywhere from 8-12% off on materials on orders of $2,500 or more.
- There is a place called "Restore" from Habitat for Humanity, they salvage paint, cabinets, carpet, laminate flooring, and other materials and selling these products for a fraction of the cost of other building materials. Whatever they have in stock will vary.
- Craigslist or other Community ads. If you look at these ad resources many people sell extra materials from remodeling their homes, or other commercial construction companies may advertize selling extra materials left form a job.
- Finally look at local sales from lumber stores that may be selling lumber that may be overstocked, damaged, or anything else.
Hope this helps, if you are also looking for plans that are needed build a shed, we offer a wide variety of shed plans that are available.
You can visit our website at

Friday, August 31, 2012

What to avoid when purchasing a shed?

The biggest problem that my customers encounter with contractors is honesty. It saddens me that contractors rather stab their customer in the back with unexpected fees, features that they say are not included and should have been in included on the job, or do not finish the job and run with the money.
Here are some pointers that I would recommend you to lookout for when hiring a contractor to build your shed or any other project in at your home.
- Have a signed contract between both parties with exchanged information such as name address, contractor license number and etc. Make sure both you and contractor have a copy before job begins.
- Make sure the contract shows the bid cost and final cost unless you add changes to the job which may require a change order.
- If contractor wishes to raise the bid substantially, do not pay him unless their is a reason for you to pay him more if you have added more unexpected features to your job without a change order.
- If a contractor says a permit may not be required to have a permit for a job, make sure there is permit required by simply calling the city building department to avoid penalties for not having a permit.
- Finally check your contractors reputation. Ask him for references on past work that he has done and visit some of his customers for feedback on his work.
Following these steps will not only get the job done right, but will save you a ton of money in the long run. If you wish to find reliable work that is needed for your home, feel free to contract me or visit my website at

Thursday, August 30, 2012

How to build a $50 Chicken Coop?

Many or most of my customers are on a very low budge and are seeking for an affordable chicken coop that can hold a few chickens to help them get started.
I have built a chicken coop on a very low budget that makes it look appealing and effective.
1 sheet of smart siding: $22
4 2x4x8 studs ripped in half: $8
Chicken Wire: $10
4x8 OSB: $7.50
Floor Mat Stripping for Ridge Cap: $2
The tools I use are a staple gun, screw gun, hammer, and a saw. For an experienced builder like me, it only took about 2 hours to make it, for an inexperienced builder, it would take about 4-5 hours possibly. 
The main structure is 3ftx3ft and the run is 1.5ft away from the structure and the structure is about 2.5 feet high. 
It will take some work, but it can be built. 

Good Luck.