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Monday, November 28, 2011

What must be done before building a shed?

Before building a shed, there will be some prep wok that must be made before starting to build a shed structure.
1.) Plan out how big you want your shed and how high you would like to make it in order to store all the things you want.
2.) Contact your local city or county office to see what are the code requirements to build this desired shed of yours and what is needed to be done to legal build this structure.
3.) Make sure the ground is leveled and clean from all brush. If the ground is too soft, you may need to compact it or lay a few inches of gravel so the shed does not sink.
4.) Check with your local lumber stores to get the best prices on your lumber instead of choosing a random lumber store that may charge you an arm and a leg.
5.) Finally look back over all these steps to make sure everything is prepped and ready before purchasing and building your shed.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How to Weather Proof Your Shed?

There are many ways to weather proof your shed, but here are a few ideas on how you can better protect your shed from moisture penetration.
1.) Caulk all seams of trim, window, or siding joints. If you leave any type of crack or seam exposed to moisture, water may come in and soak behind these seams.
2.) Use treated lumber for your entire foundation. Be sure that your 4x4 wood skids, and floor joist are all made of treated lumber.
3.) If building on a concrete slab, make sure you use treated bottom plates for your walls, and add a roll of foam stripping underneath the bottom plate to fill in any other gaps beneath your plate.
4.) Another technique that I have come up with is to place drip edge behind the siding and let it hang out about 1.5 inches below the siding to help the water drip away from the foundation itself.
5.) Some say you don't need felt for metal roofing, but if you are installing metal roofing, it does not hurt placing felt on just to be sure the entire roof is completely protected.
6.) You can also go to the store and purchase some door weather stripping or some type of flashing to enclose the cracks on your doors.
There are many other ways to better protect your shed from moisture exposure, so keep researching other techniques to ensure longer lasting shed life.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Build a Shed Legally without a Permit Storing as Much as Possible. (We Have a Solution)

There is one shed that I have built that seemed to have utilized as much space in under 200 square feet as possible.
The shed I speak of is a 12x16 shed built with 12 foot walls on a temporary foundation. What's so great about this shed that according to the buiding inspectors for the state of Utah, you can build a structure under 200 square feet on a temporary foundation and as tall as you like without having to get a building permit.
So we built this 12x16 Gable shed under 200 square feet with 12 foot walls being supported by 2x6's, a loft with 8 feet of head room, and there was no building permit needed.
Because we were able to build such an effective structure, the owner was able to store 3-4 four wheelers, and the loft was able to store huge amounts of camping equipment.
Remember to check your local building codes to see if this type of rule is allowed in your town. If so you can have this opportunity to build such a structure as this to utilize as much room as possible.

How to Save Tons of Money on Your Custom Shed

As a contractor, I am always trying to find new ways to save money on my material cost for my sheds. I also notice and much of my traffic that I get on my website goes to my free shed plans section.
So if you are in the process to build a shed yourself, here are a few tips to prevent you from breaking the bank.

1.) Open an account at Home Depot or Lowes. At either store, becoming a business member or just a plain old customer will give you discounts on their card service just make sure you pay off the card as fast as you can.
2.) Lowes 5% off materials. If you become a member of the Lowes card service, you will always get 5% off on all materials you purchase their, no matter how big or small. Home depot does not offer this service. So you you spend $2000 on shed materials at lowes, you can save $100 on your purchase.
3.) The upper hand about home depot is their bulk discount. If I spend over $2,500 on materials at home depot in one purchase, I can save anywhere from 5-10%. I usually save anywhere from 6-7% which is better than Lowes.
4.) Another way to save tons of money on your sheds is getting lumber in your local classifieds or craigslist. Yes their are people who are selling extra lumber from a job that they no longer need and you can purchase the lumbe for a fraction of the cost if you look carefully. Plus you can negotiate with the seller to drop the price a little more if you can.
5.) Price matching is always another good thing. If you have a list of your materials from Home Depot with all their material costs for that day, Lowes can match it and give you a discount on top of that.
6.) Make sure you are not wasting your materials. Whatever lumber that you have left when building your shed, try to not waste as much as possible. I usually keep scraps of lumber that are at least 1.5-2 feet long. Plus you can keep your scrap lumber for your fireplace or for another job.
7.) Finally look for special deals from other shed builders. We are offering a black friday special on our sheds that are knocking off 5%-10% on our sheds which would save you tons of money. So take advantage of special sales if you can.
I hope this can help you save more this holiday season and to bring in more savings for your Christmas shopping.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Black Friday Portable Mini Cabin Sale 10% off

It is official, we are going to have a black Friday sale on our Portable Mini Cabins. Instead of our typical 5% off winter discount. We will be doubling it to 10% only until 10pm on black Friday.
The terms are this:
- $5,000 down by 10pm on black Friday
- You must choose a final model and price that we sign to by 10pm Friday.
- This portable mini cabin must be reserved to start building by Dec 27th and to be completed by Jan 27th.
- If you cannot reserve the start building date on the portable mini cabin by Jan 1st, than the 10% discount will be avoided.
- If you are worried about ordering this because of non access to your recreational property, you will be responsible to find a place to store the portable cabin until it is time to move it, or you can call us to move it this spring.
- Finally this is limited to only two customers only so please plan quickly now before you run out of time.

Visit our website to learn more about our mini cabins or call us.




Monday, November 14, 2011

How to Avoid Scams From Shed Builders

The thing that saddens me from running my shed business is hearing on how many of my customers have been scammed by contractors that promise to do a good job, but then leave the job incomplete while taking the money and run.
I must warn you to take certain steps in order to protect your money, your home, and your family from contractors scamming you.

1.)When hiring a contractor, you must always have a contract signed by you and contractor promising that he or she will finish the job as described on the contract. If the contractor does not finish as what is described on the contract, you can use that paper to protect you in small claims to make sure the job gets done.
2.) References. Do not hire a contractor unless you have talked to at least two or three people that have told you their success story about how the contractor has performed the job professionally and with honesty.
3.) Make sure there is no hidden fees. Whenever I build my custom sheds, I make sure everything is included on the table so there is no hidden fees on the table at the end of the job. Many other shed builders include minimal specs on their shed and will include over priced upgrades if you ask for it. My prices seem like it costs more because I include everything, but when you match up all the upgrades that I include with another shed builder, they will end up becoming a heck of a lot more expensive.
4.) Last thing is warranties. If you can find a shed company that provides a warranty for at least two years, go for it. If your shed will last at least a couple of winter seasons, you can rest assured that your shed will last for years to come.

I hope these little steps will help you understand on how you can more carefully find an honest contractor that will do an honest job for your home.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Why Build a Portable Mini Cabin on Your Recreational Property?

I have had questions like this many times from my customers. Do recreational properties have restrictions and regulations on how I can build my tiny cabin?

Either your recreational property may have county rules to only build a temporary small cabin type structure that is less than 200 square feet, or they will allow a motor home on your vacation type property.

I have started building tiny cabins due to 3 specific reasons.

1.) It can be built as a small trailer home on wheels so it is perfectly legal on your recreational property.

2.) We are easily able to build all the comforts of life on this structure such as shower, kitchen, heating, electrical, and plumbing.

3.) They are not all that much money. A typical RV will cost you anywhere from $40,000-$120,000. If you plan on leaving your RV on the property anyway, why not put a mini cabin their that is half the cost and would feel a whole lot more homely.

Some companies do charge anywhere from $40,000-$60,000 to build these tiny cabins, but my prices start at $27,000 due to the structure being built by one man instead of a whole crew.

These structure can be affordable and last longer than an RV, as long as you have the highest quality of material need to keep it lasting just as long as a typical home.

I invite you to do your research on your property to see what regulations you need to follow before making this decision to add a tiny cabin on your property.

Plus compare long lasting durability from a motor home to a portable cabin on wheels.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tips to Make a Transom Window for a Shed

I have seen many other shed companies that try to use other techniques to build transom windows, but many of them tend to use low quality materials to build these windows.
I would like to give you a few tips on what types of material I would recommend for your shed window.

Some people try to build their shed windows with 1/4'' wood frames, but after time it will warp and loose its capability to support the glass itself. I would recommend you to use 3/4" x 3-4" white pine wood to frame your window.

I used to use 1/8" glass on my first few windows, but when you transport the windows with glass that thin, it will easily crack if move it around too much.
I now only use 1/4" glass that is pretty much indestructible because of how successful it has been to ship my windows out to my customers.

I have not seen this used on many windows, but if you want to further better insulate your windows, I sometimes use putty to insulate the edges of the window to prevent cold air from getting in.

Give these tips a try, I will submit some posts some time on how to build the frame of the window.