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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Portable Mini Cabin Frame

I have just bought a 26' trailer frame for a portable mini cabin for $275. It is a killer deal because it is a used frame off of another camper trailer. We are going to convert this into a frame that will be strong enough to hold a wooden mobile mini cabin. Updates will be coming in later on this.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Build a 3x3 Chicken Coop for Under $50

Many or most of my customers are on a very low budge and are seeking for an affordable chicken coop that can hold a few chickens to help them get started.
I have built a chicken coop on a very low budget that makes it look appealing and effective.
1 sheet of smart siding: $22
4 2x4x8 studs ripped in half: $8
Chicken Wire: $10
4x8 OSB: $7.50
Floor Mat Stripping for Ridge Cap: $2
The tools I use are a staple gun, screw gun, hammer, and a saw. For an experienced builder like me, it only took about 2 hours to make it, for an inexperienced builder, it would take about 4-5 hours possibly. 
The main structure is 3ftx3ft and the run is 1.5ft away from the structure and the structure is about 2.5 feet high. 
It will take some work, but it can be built. 

Good Luck.

3ft x 3ft chicken coop

chicken coop

chicken coop
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